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C1 C2 Synonyms for Important, Very Important and Most Important


You’re listening to Cambridge Exam Coach, a podcast for ambitious learners of English. This is the show where you can prepare for your Cambridge exam at the same time as improving your English.

I’m Kristian, your host, today it’s Friday 2 July 2021, and in this episode we’re going to be building our vocabulary together. To be more specific, we’re going to be talking about adjectives that can replace the words ‘important’ ‘very important’ and ‘most important’. Are you ready? All right then, let’s kick this off!

Hello dear dear listeners, how are you doing? I hope you’re doing great. This is another episode of the podcast in which we’re going to be practicing together, and as usual the aim here is to work on improving your English as well as to prepare for your Cambridge exam.

Today we’re going to be talking about synonyms for the word ‘important’. Why? Firstly, because having a good command of these particular adjectives will help you make your English more colourful in a discussion, presentation or in an article or email. Imagine using words like “crucial, vital and paramount” instead of repeating important four times in a presentation.

And secondly, you need to know these words if you want to pass your Cambridge exam. You’ll need to know their meanings because you’ll need to know them in the reading and listening parts of the exam, and you need to use them in the speaking and writing parts of the exam.

So now you know why this podcast episode is useful and relevant for you. The objective today is to learn synonyms for important, very important and most important which will help you to pass your Cambridge English exam as well as improve your general level of English.

Are you ready? Here we go!

First of all, let’s start with the adjective important.


Meaning: An important event, decision, problem etc has a big effect or influence on people’s lives or on events in the future.

We might have an important meeting next week
Losing his savings on the stock market taught him an important lesson.
Happiness is more important than money.

Now that we’ve got covered, let’s get down to the nitty gritty of it all. We’ll start with synonyms for the word “important”.


Meaning: having an important effect or influence, especially on what will happen in the future. The opposite is insignificant.

His most significant political achievement was the end of apartheid.
Please inform us if there are any significant changes in your plans.
The result is highly significant for the future of electric cars.


Meaning: interesting enough to deserve your attention

Reaching 20.000 podcast downloads is a noteworthy achievement.
Which brings us to one noteworthy distinction between companies that flourish and those that fail.

Very important


essential for/to
A good diet is essential for everyone who wants to stay healthy.

It is essential (that):
It is essential that our soldiers be given the best possible training.

It is essential to do something:
It is essential to book your tickets in advance.

Window locks are fairly cheap and absolutely essential.
Water is essential for life.
The right to protest is an essential part of any democracy.

Most important


Meaning: extremely important and necessary. Vital sounds stronger than essential.

Nurses and police officers provide vital services.
It is vital that leaking gas pipes are fixed immediately.


Meaning: extremely important and making the difference between success and failure

Advertising is crucial if we want to sell our exam courses.
The coach played a crucial role in transforming the national football team.


Meaning: more important than all other things

An airline spokesman stated that the safety of passengers was absolutely paramount.
Women’s role as mothers is of paramount importance to society.


Meaning: most important, synonym is main

His principal reason for making the journey was to visit his family.
Teaching is her principal source of income.
The principal character in the book.


Meaning: The salient points or features of something are the most important or most noticeable parts of it

In this investment report, we examine some of the salient differences between Amazon and Walmart.
Four salient points emerged from our study about climate change.

When was the last time you used words like crucial, essential vital and paramount? What did you talk or write about? If you can’t name at least three examples, you know what to do. Start using these words as of now. Create some personalised example sentences that you can use in your daily life and write them down in your notebook. And if you don’t have a notebook, you can write your sentences in the comment section of this transcript.

Alright, that’s a wrap! As ever, I hope this has been both useful and interesting for you and that you’ve enjoyed listening to this episode.

If you have any questions, thoughts, or feedback, you can respond via email or in the comment section of the transcript. I read and respond to every email or comment on the website. 🙂

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OK, that’s it. As always, take care of yourself, and each other, alright?

Speak to you soon, bye bye!

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Kristian is from The Netherlands, but he lives in Prague, Czechia. He is a CELTA qualified teacher who passed the Cambridge C2 Proficiency exam with grade A. When he's not working, he likes to chill out with music, podcasts or an audiobook.


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