July 30


Let’s Learn Collocations to Talk About Smell and Grow Your Advanced Vocabulary

Good day everyone and welcome to Prepare to Pass Your Cambridge Exam by Cambridge Exam Coach, the podcast where you can listen to tips and advice for passing the Cambridge exams at the same time as improving your English.

I’m Kristian, your host, today it’s Friday 30 July 2021, and in this episode we’re going to be discussing some advanced collocations that we can use to talk about smell.

So relax, get comfortable, and enjoy this episode of the podcast. Here we go!

Hello dear dear listeners, how are you doing? I hope you’re doing great and that you’re looking forward to listening to this episode of the podcast. First I’d like to welcome Liza on the podcast: Liza, top of the morning to you, how are you feeling today?

Before we start, here are two tips for you to get the most out of this episode:

1. It’s a good idea to check out the show notes of this episode on cambridgeexacmcoach.com. You can read along while listening, or you can do it afterwards, when you revise the exercise.

2. You can always pause and rewind when you miss something or if you want to hear something again. I know this sounds obvious, but it really can help your learning process. When I listen to podcasts, I regularly pause and rewind. It clearly helps me to become better at English.

Okay, that’s enough warming up. Let’s get down to business.


[bodies bread coffee fruit fumes milk rubber spices]

1 The stale smell of sweaty ___.
2 The acrid odour of burning ___ and petrol ___.
3 The mouth-watering aroma of freshly brewed ___ and baked ___.
4 The rancid smell of sour ___ and butter that has long since passed its
sell-by date.
5 The pungent aroma of herbs and and ripe tropical ___.

b Where might you find the above smells?

1 You might notice this smell in a gym changing room or on a crowded bus.
2 an airport runway or a car racing track
3 a kitchen or a cafe
4 a fridge in an abandoned house
5 a farmer’s market

Over to you

Study the collocations in this episode, then write down 10 personalised examples to make them your own.

Facebook group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/cecquestionsandanswers

Take care of yourself, and each other. Bye bye!

About the author 


Kristian is from The Netherlands and until the end of 2021 he's living in the beautiful city of Rotterdam. He is a CELTA qualified teacher who passed the Cambridge C2 Proficiency exam at grade A. When he's not working, he likes to chill out with music, a book, podcasts or an audiobook.


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